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Welcome to EasyMote!
... The easy way to control your media center from
anywhere in your house without turning on your TV.

EasyMote enables you to remote control your Media Portal or Windows Media Center using a Android or Windows Mobile phone over Wireless LAN.

  • Adjust Volume, pause, play and jump to next or previous song
  • Finger friendly intuitive user interface.
  • New in version 1.4: Support music browsing by folder (Only on Android / MediaPortal configuration)
  • New in version 1.2: Easier connection setup and improved connection stability
  • New in version 1.1: Support for multiple PCs/serveres.
  • Lists albums for playback selection.
  • Lists playlists for playback selection.
  • Controls Radio playback.
  • Shows current playlist and allows for jumping to another song in the list.
  • Shows information about current playing song.
  • Cursor function.

How it works:

EasyMote consist of two parts:
1) The remote control software running on your Android or Window Mobile phone (Version 6.x).
2) A Plug-in installed on your media server running Media Portal or Windows Media Center. This plug-in takes care of the communication between the remote control software and the media server software.

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